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You understand the power of home. You see it every day in the families you serve. You see how a home is a place of strength, security, and safety. You know the pride and satisfaction that comes with homeownership. Many families in Madison and Clark Counties have never experienced this strength, security, and satisfaction, however. Many live in unhealthy and unsafe living conditions and are paying 50% or more just to have a place to live. These families have a reliable income, but they don’t make enough to qualify for a traditional mortgage. They are not families who will ever have the opportunity to join you at your closing table. In spite of their best efforts, they feel stuck.

We are asking you to join with others in your industry to do something about that. Together, you can empower local families to earn their way to homeownership with a new strength that will last for generations. You will give them a fresh start in a safe home with an affordable mortgage that will allow them to realize their dreams and plan for the future.

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